Testing our Bevel Gear Reducers: Unimec’s latest generation testing center

At Unimec we have recently implemented a state-of-the-art testing center for our Bevel Gear Reducers.

This brand new testing center was delivered and installed in December 2018; it will allow us to perform extremely comprehensive testing and analysis on almost the entire range of our Bevel Gear Reducers, from the smallest Size 54 to our larger size 250.

But how does this new machine work? Our testing center is equipped with 2 large 85 kW brushless motors, with one being used as the main drive and the other as a compensating brake (energy recovery mode); the entire system is also equipped with a multitude of sensors allowing us to constantly monitor vital parameters including the operating temperature of the reducer.

At Unimec we strongly believe that the correct evaluation of the vital parameters of all of our products is an essential aspect of our “made in Unimec” philosophy; thanks to our in-house manufacturing and testing abilities we are able to provide the most comprehensive set of certifications in the industry.

More specifically, our new testing center allows us to:

Calculate the rigidity of the bevel gear assembly and the value of input and output play;

Simulate complex workloads with variable speeds and torques;

Perform endurance tests with the help of a forced lubrication line and heat exchange system;

Verify maximum loads of the bevel gears by reaching critical and breaking values;

Perform intermittent (start and stop) workloads.

All of these features will allow us to offer a better, safer and even more reliable range of products to our customers.

In the next few months we will also install an additional testing center for all of our Screw Jacks; Unimec continues its legacy at the forefront of technology and uncompromised quality.

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