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Our history

It was the year 1981 when Mr. Luigi Maggioni started the adventure called UNIMEC; 36 years later our name has become a synonym for screw jacks, bevel gearboxes and speed modulation gears, because the passion for our job and our love for mechanics could not but create a quality product which is highly appreciated all over the world. UNIMEC head offices are situated in Usmate-Velate, in the Milan hinterland and extend on a productive area of 20.000 m2 of which 10.000 are covered and have been given over to the production and offices; manifacture areas are distributed in 3 buildings, connected one to each other in only one structure. Wide areas are assigned to the metrological rooms and to the automated stores, while recreative areas let people work in a pleasant place and a permanent showroom-museum is truly applreciated by visitors; a big meeting room containing more than 50 seats is the ideal background for our staff’s as well as for our agents’ training.

A completely “made in Unimec” production chain

In an era of mass globalization, Unimec took a different path and decided to focus on a completely “made in Unimec” production. The design and engineering of our products relies on a team of extremely qualified professionals mastering the latest and most advanced technologies; Solid Forming, FEA, TRIZ Analysis are well-known and vastly used methodologies within our Technical Department: we can proudly claim that any newly designed product contains at least 80% proprietary content manufactured in house, starting with fully certified, traceable and Italy-sourced raw materials.
We firmly believe that owning all of the production technologies used for the manufacturing of each unit from scratch, enables us to grasp all of the technical aspects of our products and allows us to form an in-depth understating of their core characteristics; this also facilitates the design of tailor-made and custom solutions. The entire manufacturing process is performed with the help of the latest generation CNC machines and robotic feeders for unmanned production. A tour of our manufacturing facilities reveals a vast array of multi-axis CNC mills, lathes, gear-cutting machines, broaching machines, temperature-controlled rolling machines, orbital and tangential threading machines for lengths up to 20 feet, precision grinding machines, as well as a fully certified, zero environmental impact, water-based painting line. A state of the art Metrological Analysis Lab completes the manufacturing and quality process and provides vital feedback to our Research & Development Department.

Beyond the 4th Industrial Revolution

All of the main aspects of our organization are organically connected to one another to create a harmonic business process: a prompt, competent and courteous Customer Service; an efficient and accurate management of software, hardware and data back-up; a constantly stocked inventory, etc. Taken individually, all of these aspects are like single tunes; but masterfully arranged, they transform into a spectacular symphony. The 4th Industrial Revolution, the so called “Industry 4.0”, is already a reality within the Unimec organization and represents the connective tissue between the various departments. A sophisticated Configurator Tool helps our customers to effortlessly navigate through the over 80 billion combinations in terms of models, sizes, ratios, materials, configurations and accessories available for all of our products.  Orders are automatically generated, entered in the fully automated production pipeline and constantly monitored and updated by a barcode-based system. A live update of the projected lead times ensures that the entire company works like a symphony. But every orchestra is made of musicians and, at Unimec, our people are the pulsing heart of our organization; all of our efforts are geared towards the valorization of each and every employee, the true main characters of each revolution, even those that are about to happen: we are ready.

Presence without borders

Unimec is a global group with multiple locations across the world: we have branches in the United States, Germany, France and Spain, as well as an additional branch in the northeast of Italy. Our international sales organization is integrated by a capillary network of competent distributors located in every corner of the planet, from Australia to South America, through Asia and Europe. Responsiveness is one of the main parameters for the evaluation of a company; our goal is to communicate with all of our customers in their native language: each communication from Unimec is released in 5 different languages. Additionally, our network of distributors and representatives are always glad to assist in all other local idioms.

Ars Mechanica

The core values of our organization, explained in detail in the above paragraphs, are perfectly summarized by our tagline: Ars Mechanica. The choice of the Latin language is not just a quirk: Latin is automatically associated with Italy, which connects to our origins, but is also the root of many modern languages, so it is also well suited to our international vocation. Additionally, Latin is also an erudite language, a direct segway to the fine engineering that is at the core of all of our products. Finally, a literal translation of Ars Mechanica reveals various complementary interpretations: “Mechanical Art”, representing both the superior craftsmanship in all of our products and the stark sense of beauty at the root of our unique design. Ars Mechanica can also be associated to the concept of “state of the art”, a virtuous combination of professionalism and work ethics, which are Unimec’s core principles and values.
Headquarters and Manifacturing Plant

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