2018 Branch Convention: Unimec’s Excellence Training is a success!

2018 Branch Convention: the event took place in our Global Headquarters, north of Milan, Italy on Oct 22-23; during this 2-day training class, our European Branches along with some of their local distributors attended a technical-sales training session tutored by the Unimec Engineering team.


All attendees were able to download a special app (available for iOS and Android) specifically developed for the occasion: thanks to this new tool, everyone had an opportunity to keep all relevant information handy (locations, attendees, agenda, etc.) as well the option to share live pictures, videos and discussions within the community.

Additionally, thanks to the “Instant Poll” function, our guests had the opportunity to participate in live Question & Answer sessions; the use of the app made this training class much more interactive, direct and engaging for all of the enthusiastic participants.

However, the 2018 Branch Convention was much more than simple training: we had the pleasure of taking our guests through an extensive guided tour of the Unimec Headquarters, including our production layout; later we headed towards Milan downtown and visited the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele where we ended the evening at the iconic and world famous Ristorante Campari.

This was the second international event of the year (the first event took place in January and - thanks to the professionalism of the attendees and the vast experience of our tutors - was also a success).

The key people in our branches along with their best local distributors went home with a much more in-depth awareness of the complex processes that lay behind all of the Unimec products: our entire manufacturing cycle is 100% “made in Unimec” resulting in superb quality, extreme flexibility and keen ability to understand the needs of our customers.

This 2-day training class was also an opportunity to become more familiar with all of our innovative online tools specifically designed to streamline the configuration and quoting processes and improve our service for all of our customers.

Based on the extremely positive feedback, it is clear that these events are the right path to keep growing with our closest partners in Italy and the rest of the world: needless to say, we are already planning the next event and will keep you posted!

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