Mechanical Speed Modulators

The purpose of a speed modulation gearbox is the possibility to increase or decrease the revolution speed by means of a temporary additional rotation.

Said operation is effected manually, with motors or motor reducers, through a worm screw having an high reduction ratio. The angular speed adjustment can also be performed when the machine is running, by overlapping the effects of the different handlings and thus reducing the expensive non-working periods. The operation principle of UNIMEC’s speed modulation gearboxes is the same as the planetary gearboxes, the only difference being the external ring gear, is not connected to the body, but is contrasted by an adjustment worm screw. Rotating this device, and as a consequence rotating the planetary system too, it is possible to modify the transmission output revolution speed. Machines made of various working stations, with conveyor belts and feeding lines (typical of the paper, packaging and press sectors, etc.) find their ideal solution in the speed modulation gears, in order to synchronize the various delivery phases.

Speed modulation gearboxes can also be used as non-stop speed modulators. It is therefore possible, in case for example of coiling lines, to modify the speed of one or more stations in order to obtain constant pulls. Other typical applications for speed modulation gearboxes are the press machines, the sheet working machines, the paper and packaging machines, where the control for waste reduction and for the machines setting requires high handling precisions.

3 versions, 5 models and 85 construction forms, mean a wide range of application for a designer. In addition to standard models, UNIMEC is able to provide special custom designed speed modulation gearboxes suited to the requirements of specific machines.

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